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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 10, 2023 6:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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to fight and defend our country. we saw some of the most horrific things, bodies of men, women, children, elderly just gunned down, knifed, ki killed in all different kinds of ways and things unimaginable and it's a hard time we're experiencing in ziti ragaini el and we're going to stay strong and pull through. >> you left the united states to come to israel to fight for your country? you're a dual citizen? >> i have citizenship in france because my parents love to travel growing up, but i see myself as a jew, ziti real is my home and where i'm front pushing and my an cespedes sores are from and de-cespedes dents belong and i served in 17 and in israel you have to serve as reservist till age 40 because days like this may come. >> mandatory military service. maybe some other countries should try that . sympathy that that is good for the -- think that's good for the so you felt thanks for watching and good luck out this. >> sean: welcome to hannity, it is 9:00 p.m. on the east coast,
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6:00 p.m. on the west coast. it is 4:00 a.m. in gaza where the lights tonight are again are out. power has been severed from the city as israel continues to besiege hamas in preparation of what will be a full scale ground assault that could begin frankly at any moment. prime minister benjamin netanyahu said this invasion will resignation with israel's enemies for generations and it'll change the middle east. now more than 100,000 israeli soldiers are now amassing at gaza's border. over 300,000 reservists have been called up in only the last 48 hours. residents of gaza reportedly received this text massage telling them to flee to egypt immediately, "you stay, you die". now, i can tell you and i can promise you been a long time friend of israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu, and i can assure you he means everything
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he says, and he will follow through. unlike your president joe biden who is weak and frail and a cognitive mess, israel happens to have a very strong leader. now, the days of hamas brutalizing the region, they're officially numbered. this will now end hopefully once and for all and the only people to blame for all of this, well, that would be hamas, the terror group that has in their charter the destruction of israel, and iran that we now was involved in the plotting and the planning and the scheming and the arraignen revolutionary -- revolutionary --'irannen guard and this is about to be removed from the planet earth and israel cannot and must not accept anything less than that. you cannot coexist with evil and the more we learn about the terrorist attacks, here's a warning, i would like to show all this to you. we're about to show you is
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extremely gruesome, but every adult frankly, every adult american, you need to see this. you need to fully absorb what is the reality of evil in this world, in our time or frankly you'll never understand the need to defeat it and destroy it. what ask evil about? it's all about killing, stealing, and destroying. over the weekend, it was on display, an army of hamas terrorists went door to door breaking into homes, murdering entire families in the most brutal ways imaginable before killing the family pet and setting homes ablaze, well, some israelis were shot, others were stabbed, women were beaten, women were raped, elderly even holocaust survivors and young kids abducted and according to one report, one young israeli couple, they were murdered inside of their home, but they were able to save their twin babies by hiding them in a safe room as their parents laid dead in a pool of blood, those twonts
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before they were rescued. other infants, they were not so lucky. hamas shot one pregnant woman in the stomach, she did survive and her unborn child did not. take a look at your screen. right there, these ared bodies, dead bodies from one small town in southern israel. we now know and have confirmed at least 40 babies were murdered, babies. some beheaded by hamas. how sick and low can people go. take a look. >> i'm talking to some of the soldiers and they say what they've witnessed as they've been walking through these different houses, these different communities, babies, their heads cut off. that's what they said. gunned down. families, completely gunned down in their beds. you can see some of these soldiers right now comforting each other. many of them reserves who jumped into action leaving their own families behind as well. not knowing the sheer horror
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that they were about to come to. >> sean: i really want all of you to see this evil. we can't show you the worst video, frankly it'd be too gruesome for tv. if i had my way and editorial control, i'd show it but i understand, these are images that will stick with you for the rest of your life. remember, isis beheadings? yeah, because of my job, i had to watch it. those images will never be erased from my brain. elderly women, they're executed while their murders are live streamed on social media. living rooms covered in nothing but blood, men, women, children dead on the floor as hamas terrorists come back over and over and over again filling their lifeless bodies with yet more bullets and more bullets. more than a thousand innocent civilians including at least 14 of our fellow americans murdered in a single day. if you want to look at it and
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compare it to our population and israel's population, it would be the equivalent of over 35,000 americans killed in a single day. wow, many others abducted and being held hostage inside gaza and not a lot of hope for them tonight. i pray i'm wrong. this also includes americans held hostage. and now hamas is vowing to execute them one by one. live on the internet and there are already multiple videos of hostages being executed by hamas, one american who was abducted by hamas during the music festival sent this final text to his mother "i love you, i'm sorry. according to witnesses on the ground, he lost an arm from the elbow down during the attack and loaded on the back of a pickup truck with five other hostages, they were driven away. what kind of people, you know, act like this? how does a person do something that unspeakable? how do these terrorists become so evil? have you ever thought about
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that? i don't think people are born evil with this kind of venom and hate. we do know this kind of vile behavior can be learned, how do we know? the children in gaza have bye bye bye brainwashed and indoctrinated and taught to hate jews and christians from the earliest ages and hate americans from the earliest ages. for example, let's take a look at this, cartoon, it was obtained by memory tv, which was produced for young children in the gaza strip. look at this, this is indoctrination, this is brainwashing of children. watch. [ speaking foreign language ]
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[ speaking non-english language ] >> sean: they get older and taught if they martyr themselves, 72 virgins await them in heaven. it gets worse. there's actual terror training camps for children inside of gaza, with simulated attacks against "the jews. this is how your tax money by the way is being spent. money that joe biden has given them. terror training cams for children and anti-semitic cartoons and grenades and rockets and am in additions and tunnels for -- ammunition and tunnels for terrorists and using that for hospitals and schools. no, they build tunnels to sneak into israel and capture and kill israelis. plenty of weaponry and more bad
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news by the way. this radical extremism has been exported all around the globe. take a look at your screen. this was the free palestine crowd in new york city. take a look there. celebrating, i think that's the one where there's a a gnat seie disorders incig any -- a natzi insignia and holding up a swastika and similar celebrations in london, england, australia and free palestine demonstrators were chanting "gas the jews". don't believe me, take a look. [ chanting burn the jews ]. >> sean: gas the jews and jewish people in australia have been told to stay home. wow. back in chicago, the group black lives matter, they're standing
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in solidarity with hamas and posting in image apparently glorifying the terrorist par gliders that raped, murdered, abducted hundreds of young unarmed civilians at that concert. dedicated to peace. that's why 260 innocent people+ were killed. student leereds on college campuses around this country are planning a day of resistance to support the terrorist group hamas. dozens of student groups at harvard, 31 groups directly blaming israel alone for what happened. all coming together in support of hamas. is this what they're learning at harvard university? bigotry, anti-semitism, outright hate. really, in this politically correct world, this woke world, this cancel culture world, that's okay with harvard and these, you know, alumni and all
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these people that donate billions of dollars. really? it's truly vile. people now walk among us that have been indoctrinated by communist prof professors and cy sympathy with terrorism and terrorists and it's infiltrating the southern border for years and according to a leaked report and u.s. custom and border protection and special interest alien from middle eastern countries and they've all crossed our boarders since 2021. thanks, joe. do we know who they are. do we know why they're here? who financed their journey? do we know how many got away undetected and across the wide open borders and anyone in the biden administration and all concerned about this. this joe biden third year as president. he will have allowed, aided and abetted over 8 million illegal
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immigrants into the country-specific with zero vetting and -- country with sowo vetting and they're going down and scheming and 9/11 or worse and you can thank joe biden and his open boarders policy. when that happens, mark my words, i pray that i'm wrong, but i doubt it. we'll wake up one day, oh, turns out they came in when joe left the boarders wide open and 99% of those people are allowed to stay. what about the americans that are now being held hostage, joe. what is the white house doing to rescue them because you pretty much told americans they can't get out of israel because commercial airlines are not flying into it. you're pretty much on your own. what are you gone no do this time? another afghanistan? great. families are now begging biden to do more. we pay for almost a thousand aircraft and jet aircraft they own and they're jetting over to
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pick them up and one family during biden short speech and he didn't mention iran and the country behind the attack and number one state sponsor of terror and no strong words and condemnation of the mulls in iran and indicate ago plan to hold iran responsible as they should be held. no word in biden will refreeze the $6 billion he recently made available to the mullahs paying ransom for 5 hostages and joe biden is too busy kissing the asss of the number one state son sore of terror worldwide. the iranian mullahs and according to one of biden's top officials, john kirby talking to martha mccal lum despite --
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martha maccallum and everything unfolding and believes climate change is existential threat and top national security concern and even more important, you can believe it or not, then even nuclear war. i don't make this up. take a look. >> given that the united states is now involved in wars that are taking place in europe and also in the middle east. i want to play this sound byte that's last month in vietnam and ask you if this still holds for the president. watch. >> the only existential crisis humanity faces, more frightening than a nuclear war is global warming going above 1.5 degrees in the next ten years. >> all the nuclear players in these two areas where we are now engaged on does the president stand by that comment? >> absolutely he does. >> climate is an existential threat and it's capable of wiping out all human life on earth.
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over time i don't know how more existential you can get to that. >> i just can't believe what i'm hearing. joe biden opportunistic top of being a complete cognitive mess is frankly a complete ignorant fool to hold that belief. >> sean: the world is burning, the biden white house is side tracked with of course their far left fantasy. they're adherence to the climate alarmist religious cult of which they bow at alter of while the leader of the free world coeurs behind closed doors and biden is showing weakness and israel will go it alone preparing for what will be a historic show of force. pay attention, joe, you might learn something. this could reshape and likely will reshape the region ever and a message will be sent loudly and clearly to every terrorist in the world. don't mess with israel because you're going to get your asss kicked. mark my words, that's coming next. on the ground in southern
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israel, trey yingst is back with us. thank you for being with us and you've been working a lot of hours. we are really with 300,000 now reservists being called up in the last 48 hours. they're amassing about 100,000 according to reports, troops on the border. now we see nonstop air raid bombardments and the biggest concern is not to rush in i would assume that probably gaza is bobby trapped to death, is that a fair assumption? reporter: sean, good evening. they want to clear a pathway in and we got words from idf they conducted 250 air strikes in the last hour using dozens of fighter jets. they're targeting neighborhoods in the northern and eastern part of the gaza strip before they send troops in on the ground.
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thousands of infantry troops on the border with gaza and saw tanks and apcs and wasting no time getting nem to the boarder and on the sides of the road, you can see the bodies of dead militants. there's no time to clear paths and must get ready to go into gaza because the rocket fire continues into southern and central israel. as to the infiltration attempts, three hamas terrorists were shot by israeli forces after trying to cross the border once again, that northern border between israel and gaza. additionally israel facing new threats today from syria with attempted artillery strikes and going with the position to the projector back there in syria and rocket fire into northern israel today and on the western side on the coast. there's a nonstop attack against the jewish state.
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from three fronts and israel bracing to expand and monologue and people questioning the reports that we've seen with our own eyes. what's happen asking a massacre. it was a massacre saturday morning it was the largest killing of jews since the holocaust. more than 1200 people according to israeli media there starting to update the death toll and just bloodshed in the communities along the border and each and every hour they're finding out more information, more gruesome details about what these militants did to a innocent civilian population. sean.sean. >> sean: yeah, let me go back. you broke news in the last hour israeli jets have fired upon gaza 200 times and tell us more. >> yeah, 250 strikes against the alpha neighborhood and they're concerned as you noted that these neighborhoods have not only rocket lawn cheryl: congressmans but also a -- lawn
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cheryl: claunchers and traps and target the ziti rail lees the -- israelis the minute they cross the boarder and they l. these tactics are in the west bank a few weeks ago and embedded with the israeli military and driving in the distance and roadside bombs had to be cleared by bulldozers and this is the technology they're using to stop the israeli encouragement in the west bank and similar things in gaza and it'll be incredibly difficult urban battle environment and gorilla war fair tactics and variety of tunnel systems that will be used against the israelis when they enter gaza and trying to hit as much as they can from the air before hitting the ground. >> sean: that's a big number. trey yingst back to you when we break. first a message from joe biden from 2007. about the importance of not leaving weapons behind in
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afghanistan in particular. might want to take note of this. >> tomorrow the order goes out that i'm president of the united states, issue an order, end the war today and begin to withdraw all american troops. it will take a year to get the american troops out. do you hear me now? that's the truth. it will take a year to get them physically out. now if you leave all the equipment behind, you might be able to do it in seven months. you leave those billions of dollars of weapons behind, i promise they'll be used against your grandchild and mine some day. >> sean: well, that statement didn't age well. according to some reports our weapons in afghanistan may be in the hands of hamas terrorists and joining us is former security adviser robert o'brian with us. when bb netanyahu says they'll strike with a force that's remembered for generations, i've
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known prime minister netanyahu for three decades and i'm pretty much 100% certain he means what he says. when he says the middle east will be reconfigured as a result of this, evil attack on their homeland, i believe he means it. what are your thoughts? >>, i know bb well also, sean, i think he means what he says. look, he's got no choice. if anyone who wants to know that whether evil exists in the world, just look at top of your monologue. and hear about the babies being killed. what kind of person goes house to house and beheads babies? these aren't civilians killed collaterally in a military attack. these were civilians wantedly slaughtered. this isn't war, it's bar barr bm and hard fighting as trey pointed out. it'll be like fallujah and they've gone through similar fighting in fallujah and hard for the israelis but they've not
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no choice but to root and branch hamas. they can't be allowed to continue to operate in gaza. it's got to be shut down. by the way, if people wanted to know why israel has to exist, look at the protests that are taking place and riots in sydney and london and new york. and if you're a jew, where are you going to go? you've got to go to israel. that's junior safe haven and it's been violated by these thugs and terrorists. today some americans may be protesting israel and stand behind netanyahu and i know you do and millions of americans stand behind israelis seeks to defend themselves from an tay tack per capita worse for israel than 9/11 for us. >> sean: if you extrapolate out the population of israel versus the united states, and from the very earliest moments in this attack, people have said this is israel's 9/11. it would be the equivalent. we lost 2,977 americans that
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day. we also lost many others due to 9/11-related illnesses but that one day, we lost 2,977. based -- if you extrapolate out their population, this 1,000 plus is what that would have been losing well over 35,000 americans in a single day. that is deep, that is profound and yet the initial reaction of joe biden's state department was oh, please, let's not have any retaliation. a tweet that they eventually were pressured to take down. >> take a look at video that's playing next to you with the young boy being dragged into gaza and dog being shot. this is horrific and we haven't seen the likes of it since world war ii when the ss groups went in behind the area and cleaned out towns and villa villages and murdered every jew and it's unspeakable what we're watching. our prayers aren't just with the
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people of israel but the idf and the soldiers having to go in and fight and root this evil out once and for all. by the way, the propaganda that's used to indoctrinate those children in palestine and gaza, innocent young children watching that propaganda to be turned into those monsters and the boards say standards of themselves is a special place in hell for them. >> sean: any advice for the prime minister. >> america needs to stand by israel and we have in two weeks and three weeks and root out hamas and co coming in and sayig in is enough. this is a ceasefire and we need a peace deal and we were standing by ukraine for a year and a half against russia and you and i from the start have been supporting ukraine and supporting rights for yourself and stick in the democrat party wants to stick with israel for year and a half and two years
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and however long it takes to stop the evil we're watching and i'm glad you didn't show some of the videos because some of those victims don't want to have last minutes on earth rep recorded ad de-grated and we need to show the videos and two and three week from now the un peace groups and code pink calling for israelis to stop the invasion and showing wide and why the israeli soldiers are laying down their lives and defending families and loved ones. >> sean: robert o'brian, thank you for joining us. we have senator lindsey graham with us. senator, you're close and we have a close relationship with prime minister netanyahu and a strong port as have i and israel and this is the worst attack and in the history of this point, many of us have said the worst attacks in the holocaust and the number of dead, people talk
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about what the response should be. the response should be is that hamas can no longer operate in gaza and whatever, whatever that means for gaza, that's just too bad, isn't it? >> yeah, so how does this end for israel to be safe? you have to destroy hamas in terms of hamas, kill them all. gaza's going to look like tokyo and burr linn at the end of -- berlin at the end of world war ii when this is over and if it doesn't look that way, israel made a mistake. the difference between israel and hamas, israel is telling people living in gaza, you better go to egypt and go now. i expect this military operation to be like taking berlin and tokyo. i expect gaza to be occupied by the israelis for years to come. there will never be a two-state solution with my support till the palestinians reject hamas
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and its destroyed and there's one thing we're not talking about and hamas could not have done that with iranian support and they're involved in this operation and they've been involved in supporting terrorism for decades and here's what's going to happen and israel goes in on the ground. the iranians are going to threaten escalation and they're going to start killing hostages and hezbollah attacking israel from the north. when that happens, i'm hoping somebody will tell the itollah we'll hold you accountable and blow up source of revenue and destroy the iranian oil refineries and oil capabilities if iran believes they might restrain hamas. >> sean: i don't know if that's even possible at this point. i feel sorry at least israel had the decency to warn the people of gaza that are not part of hamas because the people have been given ample opportunity now
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to leave gaza. they've been told if you stay, you will die. i don't think israel can be anymore clear than that. but israel does have a right and must exercise that right to defend themselveses here. >> sean: nobody wants to see innocent civilians killed. >> every civilian killed in gaza blame hamas and not israel. israelis will try to reduce civilian casualties and what do we do to end the third reich? we bomber linn into believe indian and only way to bring -- oblivion and took two nuclear bombs to deal with that fanaticl group and their modern day natzis and painful by the roots and going into gather s and shut down hamas as we know it and occupy the area until you get people you can live with there. hamas doesn't want a two-state solution. it wants a one state solution.
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the destruction of jewish people. last group trying to do that with the germans, look what happened, 50 million people died. israelis when they say never again, they mean it. damn it, they mean it. to cornell west and black lives matter groups and believes israel is responsible, that's bull hit. i thought you were -- bull shit. the kids at harvard, you're blaming the israelis? please. this is just absolutely appalling, disgusting. to the secretary general of the united nations who i consider a friend, you said today we had to understand this conflict in a greater context. my friend, hamas doesn't want a two state solution. they want to kill the jews like the natzis did. i'm tired of appeasing hamas. apologizing for them. they want to kill israel, so does the iran. they want to destroy the jewish state. they don't want to coexist with israel this. is not a land
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problem. a boundary problem. it's a problem of you cannot live in my world. my god determines that you die. the germans believe that the jews were inferior people and their goal in the final solution was to eradicate the jewish people. iran and hamas believe the jewish people should die because of religious teachings. we're in war and do whatever you have to do to defend yourself and level the place. >> sean: all right, senator graham. thank you for being with us tonight. israel under attack. over the weekend hamas militants cut through the gaza border fence to commit brutal atroatrocities and now many americans are concerned about our own southern border. we already know over 150 people in the terror watch list were apapprehended by border patrol n the last fiscal year and we don't know now with # place to n at the end of this year and 8 million people will have entered this country by the end
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of the year thanks to joe biden aiding and abetting open boarders. by the way, it's open to the entire world, not just by the way certain countries. it's all over the world we see people coming. we're talking about so many thousands and thousands of people from countries with links to terrorism, pouring across our border. no vetting at all. now even deputies are voicing some concerns about the border including former democrat -- now independent robert f. kennedy jr. running for president. we've had him on the program before. sir, welcome back. >> thanks for having me, sean. >> sean: i really do appreciate your position on the border. we're in agreement. it's interesting because everybody is now trying to analyze, you know, whether if there's a three way race with you, donald trump, and joe biden, you know, who would you more likely draw from? i hope you don't mind but i did a little research on you, you're pretty liberal.
6:32 pm
you know, you've called for curbing, logging, oil drilling, fracking, you wanted to eliminate it and call it had a victory for democracy and curb u.s. o fossil fuel extraction and keep it in the ground and ban on fossil fuel extraction and ban on fracking and called the nra once a terror group and supported over the years democrats, gore, kerry, obama, hillary and praised bernie sanders multiple times and support affirmative action. so why is this party of yours and it's as liberal a record as anybody i know. >> off litany of talking points of statements i've made over 40 years. some of them are stale, some i never said, but what is your question, why democratic party,
6:33 pm
why i'm not running for the democratic party? ->> sean: why did they kick you out? i'm giving you comments you made in 2016, '17, '19, endorsements we know the years gore, kerry, obama, hillary, bernie sanders, all recent quotes and nra quotes was in 201 calling them a terror group. these are recent positions and i'm not sure why the democratic party wouldn't allow you to compete. >> these are talking points from the campaign. >> sean: these are not talking points but hannity points and i do my own research. >> it was the exact same list this morning and again, if you want to know what my position is
6:34 pm
on any issue, i'm happy to talk to you about it. >> sean: on those positions, you come off and i'm not -- this is not an insulting thing, you are historically very left of center, very liberal, and i agree with you. your party treated you horribly. i think you deserve better. i don't like the way your own family even treated you. i thought if they gone agree with you, they can disagree but didn't like what they said about you to be honest. i think you're being honest in your positions, but i don't think you can convince any conservative that you have any conservative leanings except for a couple issues and maybe conservatives would agree on the border, maybe some on your vaccine policy. especially with covid. where else would you say you're conservative? >> well, i wouldn't describe myself at this point as part of the conservative ideology or the
6:35 pm
democratic ideology and i would describe myself as part of that common sense ideology. if you ask me, sean, about any particular issue. i'm happy to tell you what i feel about it. and i also am happy to listen to other people's opinions about it. >> sean: i'll ask you -- do you still believe the nra is a terror group? >> i support the second amendment like i do all the amendments of the constitution and not going to take -- >> sean: i didn't ask you that you said in 2018, parkland students are right, the nra is a terror group. do you believe that? >> i don't consider the nra a terror group. >> sean: do you regret tweeting that in 2018? >> i don't recall tweeting it in 2018, but if i did as i said, sean, i don't consider them a
6:36 pm
terror group and support the second amendment. >> sean: do you regret endorsing al gore, barack obama, hillary clinton, and john kerry over the year s? -- bernie sanders. >> i don't recall endorsing bernie sanders. i like him but i voted for barack obama, i don't regret that. i don't -- there's a lot of things about those candidates, the candidates who i was disappointed in. i think that we need to wind down the war machine abroad. and i don't think he supported that and i don't think it's the secretary of state that she livid up to those expectation. i'm not going to say i -- i supported them then and support what had they believe in. i think i have a common sense
6:37 pm
approach to politics. i said to talk to you about two issues. >> sean: listen, i love to do a town hall with you and enjoyed our time together. do you stand by your position that you've held at least since 2012 and through 2019 that i have quotes for? banning fracking and banning oil and fossil fuel extraction? >> i've never believed in banning oil or banning fossil fuel extraction. what i've said is that those industries need to internalize their cause and in other words their carbon was heavily subsidized energy saucer. $5.2 trillion of subsidies that go to big carbon every year and doesn't include even the oil wars in a real free market economy. the cost of those wars would be reflective of at price of
6:38 pm
gasoline when you got to the tank. the reason that i've opposed fracking is because it's poisoning water supplies. i've watched the water supply in pennsylvania where people turn on their faucets, sean and could light a match there. we don't want to poison people. if fracking is doing that, it's not safe. >> sean: life blood of the world's economy. we don't have any real alternatives that are efficient and cost effective as of now. we'll have you back. anyway. >> that absolutely is not true. that just is not true, sean. >> sean: of course it's true. >> i'm happy to talk to you about it if you give me the chance. >> sean: we'll bring you back and maybe do another hour together if you're up for it. i'd be up for doing that. that'd be great. anyway, robert f kennedy, sorry the democratic party treated you the way they d. when we come back, biden finally addressed on camera today what are the horrific terrorists attacks in
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israel and he didn't mention iran or the rogue regimes involvement in the planning of this attack or the great one mark levine. i think he has a thing or two to say about it as we continue. ♪
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and it was so fun and exciting i did a little dance. (teri laughs) trust me, financing my car with carvana was super smooth. [announcer] finance your next car with carvana today. (soft whistling) >> sean: so one thing that joe biden and his administration did not want to seem to ever discuss. the role that iran played in these brutal terrorist attacks on israel. wall street journal laid it out in no uncertain terms over the weekend. maybe it's because they unfroze $6 billion of iranian funds less than a month ago. and why they ever did that makes no sense to me. they are the number one state sponsored terrorist and the host of life, liberty and levine once
6:44 pm
again a no. 1 new york times best seller and democratic party and democrat party hates america and life, liberty and levine host. mark, sir. sir. i really, mark, i really have struggled when people are sympathetic to are unwilling to call out evil for what it is. iranians are up to their eyeballs in planning, plotting, scheming and the revolutionary guard and not a word from your president. why? >> let me tell you something, the fact of the matter is joe biden rearm the iranian regime with terrorist state and he rearmed them with hamas and palestinian terrorists and how many mulligans does this guy get when it comes to foreign policy? how much blood on his hands will
6:45 pm
the american people tolerate? apparently the democrat party has a very high threshold for somebody else's pain. what is it going to take to wake up this guy who during the day is in some kind of a super? in his little obama-ite leftists that sound him and we're going to get so many people killed including americans. what any leader should do and chamberlain looks like george patten compared to joe biden is should have made clear to iran is if your surrogates murder any hostages, we will take on members of your leadership team. just the way donald trump did. but he's a coward. he won't do that. he should have said starting tomorrow i've ordered the united states navy to blockade any efforts by your ships to deliver
6:46 pm
any oil to anybody. if you dare try and violate our blockade, that'll be the last thing you do. if he talks about a wider war, this could cause a wider war. are people stupid? china is on the move, russia is on the move, the taliban has our equipment. hezbollah, hamas, iran's on the move. do they not understand that the world is about to come to war if we don't do something going into this right now. our borders are wide open and the man doesn't even care about american lives with 00 -- 300,000 people coming across and you take as much of our equipment as this government will give you, which is far less than the amount of money they've given to iranians and palestinian terrorists. but you ignore this sob. because he'll get you killed. let me make something clear, there's one country in that region that has nuclear weapons,
6:47 pm
one. that could put an end to this tomorrow. yet that's the difference between jews who are civilized and animal who is are not. because if the iranian regime, if the palestinian terrorists had nuclear weapons, they'd blow israel off the face of the earth, which netanyahu told obama and biden is anybody who will listen. let me ask you something, biden, have you put netanyahu on your list of visits yet behind the president of costa rica? the left of the country and in israel tried to undermine netanyahu government. a dually elected government. why snr there's a problem with the radical left markist in the country and problem with a joke of a media in ziti country as we co. maybe some day we'll look and see if that help caused problem when is you had literally factions of the idf and factions of their
6:48 pm
intelligence service threatening to go on strike and now is not the time for recriminations and put facts on the ground. there's a fifth column in the country and called the democrat party. when is the democrat party going to put down the hamas natzi wing of the party? when will the media stop promoting and harris sympathies with the hamas natzi party and democratic socialists. look at the people in this country protesting what the evisceration of the jews and so forth. let me tell you a secret, those aren't republicans. by the way, little bit of advice, don't waste your time with an hour on robert kennedy. don't waste your time. that's it. >> sean: we appreciate the great one. his book no. 1 on new york times best seller, mark tuls.y gabert and more as we
6:49 pm
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>> sean: all right to more disturbing numbers, gallup poll found democratic support for the world's only jewish state, israel at an all time low of 38%. republicans, it is 78%. not exactly a surprise given the pro hamas squad representing democrats in congress. here with reaction, fox news contributor, tulsi gabbard. support is at 78%. i think it should be higher. why is democratic support 49% of the palestinians, 38 for israel that is your former party, tulsi, why? why would they support a group that supports this terror organization? >> yeah, sean, i went to highlight and underline that is my former party, one of the reasons why i left the democratic party is there are
6:54 pm
far too many people among the democrat elite both politicians and those in the main stream media who very simply hate america. they hate what we stand for, they hate the principles enshrined in our constitution and we see this bear fruit for their undermine our first amendment rights, use the rule of law to try to go after their political on popes, how much they hate this country and also how much they sympathize with and roman at this size those who are our enemies, those who seek to destroy us. they refuse to acknowledge this islamist threat that is the greatest short and long-term threat to our country and people around the world. threatening our safety, security and freedom and refuse to take a stand. >> sean: yeah, i find it very very frustrating and frankly in
6:55 pm
explicable. you see acts of terror like this and all we hear from a lot of democrats we need to show restraint. this would be the equivalent. if you ex train late losing a thousand people and america's population, it would be the equivalent of 35,000 americans being killed in a single day. and we are go to lecture israel about restraint? i would lecture israel about the right and the duty to defend their homeland. >> yeah, sean, here is what i would like to ask all of your viewers, all americans to reflect on for just a moment. just one month ago today we observed the 22nd anniversary of the islamist terrorist group attack on our country, 9/11. attack we've seen against is heal that continues to go on by hamas, a terrorist organization is there, 9/11. our leaders and people around this country and around the world need to really wake up and recognize this
6:56 pm
threat that thesis lamb u.s. terrorists those to us and countries and peoples around the world and be committed to defeating them. leader whose refuse to acknowledge this point out they either don't know or they are too afraid to be called in islam a phone to speak the truth. >> sean: tulsi gabbard, one more hour to go. virginia governor glenn youngkin as we continue. this is a special alert. israel is under attack and israel's enemies seek our destruction. the people of israel need immediate help. rockets have us squarely in the crosshairs. our people are targets in their own homes.
6:57 pm
many have lost everything and fear for their lives. the international fellowship of christians and jews has launched an urgent response to rescue those affected by this violent attack. our teams are on the ground across israel delivering lifesaving aid. your urgently needed gift of only $45 will help rush food, water, medicine and emergency supplies for jewish families that have nowhere to turn. time is literally running out. what we need you to do is to act now.
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>> sean: welcome back to hannity, we have another hour to go, israel is at war and now a looming ground campaign is eminent. other guest in this hour will be virginia governor glenn young skin, arkansas senator tom cotton. furious with harvard, charlie hurt and much more, another breaking news hour of hannity starts right now. >> sean: welcome to hour two of this breaking news addition to hannity, it is 10:00 on the east
7:01 pm
coast, 7:00 p.m. on the west coast and 5:00 a.m. in gaza as we continue to monitor the skies over the gaza city on the ground, the message from israel to the people of gaza is clear. get out. if you stay, you will die. total war is eminent and the mission is clear. completely eliminating hamas. the terror group with of course the support of iran. now this week virginia governor glenn youngkin ordered that all flags be flown at half staff until saturday, including as of this hour 14 americans at the top of the americas being held hostage. joining us with more on this and an update on the virginia's upcoming elections which are very very critical is glenn youngkin, governor of the commonwealth of virginia, sir, welcome back. >> sean, thank you for having me and thank you for the attention that you have been placing on these barbaric and horrific terrorist acts in israel. in the
7:02 pm
united states only has one decision here which is how much support can we get to israel as fast as we can? they are our brothers, we will stand with them and there can be no no hesitancy in committing everything they need to defend themselves. yesterday, sean, i was with -- i was with jewish leaders in low done county, and not only were they grief stricken like all of us, but angry and they were fill weekend fear as well. this is what terrorists do, this is what hamas is, it is a terrorist group and they must be met with force. >> sean: what do you make of the frankly virulent anti-semitism we've seen it on display in new york city. we have seen it in london and england, we have seen it in sydney and australia, in other parts of australia. we've heard it in the halls of congress. one congresswoman literally posing in front of the palestinian flag and the american flag. what is this new
7:03 pm
rise of virulent anti-semitism about? >> well first of all, it's completely reckless and indefensible. how can one actually support the murdering of children, the beheading and burning of infants, the killing of grandmothers in front of their children and children in front of their parents. how can anyone even begin to try to try to suggest there is justification for this. it's indefensible, it's irresponsible, and it's completely reckless and it is not american. we stand with israel. and as a nation we must come to their full defense. and as i said -- as i said in my speech yesterday to our friends in the jewish community, we are brothers, and like brothers we will come to your defense. >> sean: i would really like to understand why president biden does not put the blame on iran?
7:04 pm
i would like to understand why he is not withdrawing the $6 billion that was moved from a south korean bank to a bank cut arrest. however, it's fungible money, that's money that they don't have to spend on their own programs, humanitarian programs. that's money that we know will be used to foment terror. why would he ever agree to pay a ransom of $6 billion? what is this obsession of sucking up to the iranian mullahs and lack of resolve to call them out for who they are which is the number one state sponsor of terror, world wide. >> sean, it's a terrorist state and joe biden continues to demonstrate that he does not comprehend evil. when he pulled our troops out of afghanistan, when he pulled out troops out of
7:05 pm
afghanistan he left peek to die. when he placed footsie with china, when he even engages with iran in anyway, not to mention leaving $6 billion for them to spend as we know they are funding terrorism, we must stand up against evil and that's exactly what this is. and for anyone to suggest there is any justification is holy indefensible. >> sean: let me turn domestically. i know most people focused on 2024. have you a very small majority in one house in virginia and in the senate i believe you are down by about four seats, you are up by three, a number of vacancies. you have been actively on the campaign trail, you want a majority in both houses in virginia that would help you advance your agenda in your final two years
7:06 pm
in office. my question is this, how do you see these races going and what do you put the odds at, i really would like if you have time to explain why it is important that you are messaging republicans to get over their reluctance and resistance towards early voting, voting by mail, it may not be the system we want, it is the one we are stuck with. if republicans start out election day down hundreds of thousands of votes, they are greatly reducing their chances of winning these elections. i want every republican around the country to hear this message because that's a system we're stuck with. so, how do you see these elections going? >> so, sean, first of all, these are in my mind the most important elections, we are in the middle of early voting, four weeks to election day and this is literally elections on a razor's edge. we believe with can hold our out house and flip our senate, we can demonstrate a
7:07 pm
lost, completely controlled by democrats can choose a new direction completely through common sense conservative policies that demonstrates results, results matter. so, we are battling in everyone of the key seats. that's why getting people out to vote matters. sean, in the 2021 election republicans elected jason miarez, win some sears at the poles. 5000 people who voted in our race did not show up in the congressional midterms, we have to get the vote out. leaving republican votes on the sideline is assure way to lose. we have been encouraging people demanding and inviting everyone to make a plan to go early, go to secure your vote participate in absentee ballots, vote in person and sean the takeup has been incredible. our early voting numbers look incredibly strong. and the reason why this is so important because what's on the
7:08 pm
ballot is not just a demonstration about the future of virginia but i believe the key lipmus tests, protecting girls sports e making sure we have low taxes and reduce the cost of living, backing the blue, making government work more efficiently. the other side has nothing to talk about, absolutely nothing. they want to spend everyone's money, they want to down grade education and take parents away from their kids and tell them that the state knows better, they demean law enforcement, and most importantly, they don't respect our democracy. because they want to mandate and tell everybody what to do. this is what this election is about. it's so important for virginians to come together and elect our majority of our house and senate and demonstrate that you can do this. you can change -- >> sean: governor. >> change the direction of a state, show the country we
7:09 pm
should win in 2024. >> sean: the system i prefer would be same day voting with exceptions for veterans and people in the military and the elderly and the infirmed. i would prefer election day being a national holiday, one day. not months and months of voting. i would prefer that we have signature verification, voter id, chain of custody controls, updated voter rolls and partisan observers observing, i will prefer that those obse observers watching the voting all day. it's not the system we have. so, again, i will reiterate that what you are doing in virginia, republicans and every state better pay attention to, encourage republicans and conservatives, get over your reluctance, your resistance, vote absentee, and deal with the system you have and then when you win elections hopefully you can bring more integrity to the
7:10 pm
system. lastly partisan observers watching all over the place. and the other measures that i mentioned. governor, good to have you, we are going to watch this election closely, thank you. >> god bless you. >> sean: all right. joining us now live on the ground we go back to israel tonight where our very own trey yingst is standing by this hour. trey. >> trey: sean good evening, following our last hour indicating that 450 air strikes have taken place over the past 24 hours. we know that 250 took place in the last hour so it gives you a sense just how heavy the bombardment is tonight as isrealis target the northern and eastern part of the gaza strip. this is an ongoing process as they prepare for the potential of a ground operation. we do expect as this process moves forward more troops will head to the south of israel, the country's defense minister
7:11 pm
ordering an additional 60,000 reservists to join the 300,000 reservists that are participating in the fight not just here along the southern border but also the northern border with lebanon and syria earlier today more rocket fire from lebanon and mortar fire from syria, both of those end dents drawing responses from the isreali military as the country braces for the possibility of that multi-front conflict and gets more support from the international community that understands that this regional war so be expanding to a ground regional war. you talk about the funding from iran, and the ongoing support that the regime provides to these organizations and it's not just in gaza, lebanon, in the west bank and also in syria, sean. >> sean: so, and we are still awaiting, we have according to the reports we've heard tonight, by the way, 450 strikes tonight, that is a lot. clearly israel is paving the way for the ground invasion. do we have anytime
7:12 pm
frame when that might happen? we've been told the last 48 hours it could be eminent, it could be any moment. do you -- is that what you are hearing, you are on the ground in israel. >> there has been a lot of buzz about the times, we haven't been able to confirm an exact number. based on what we've seen it looks like it could be eminent based on the fact that there are so many soldiers already very close to the border. even earlier tonight we saw apc's and tanks on the road, no longer on the backs of trucks. engines on, lights on and the soldiers inside. it's an indication that they are prepare at any moment. so, it could be soon, it could take a few days, one other important note that we heard from one soldier tonight, indicating that there will be a level of training of thee reservists, it's not something that is going to take weeks, a matter of days to get ready to -- >> sean: trey, one last question. i know that israel has
7:13 pm
been sending out text messages to the people in gaza, if you stay you will die. are people heeding that message is there is mass exodus of innocent people who will not be collateral damage, hopefully they'll take that seriously. >> yeah, we spoke with a source in gaza city who indicated thousands of palestinians who live especially in the eastern neighborhoods, have relocated to un schools closer to gaza city. this is an indication that some people are heeding these warnings. but many people stay in their homes. there was a gaza media outlet telling people they should stay even if they are warned by "the zion u.s. enemy" they should stay. and that's part of the propaganda that hamas wants in this war. the more civilian casualties, the more they are able to promote that and point the finger at israel shifting the information battle. it is important to know
7:14 pm
there are around 2,000,000 civilians inside gaza and a ground operation is going to be extremely difficult to ensure there isn't a high civilian casualty rate. this is all complicated and complex and part of the equation when they go into gaza, sean. >> sean: trey, thank you as always, thanks for staying up late, stay safe. tonight many woke radicals are slowing their true colors. anti-semitism on the rise among america's left with some celebrating murder, rape, terrorism, committed by hamas. the black lives matter chicago chapter posting this despicable disgusting image glorifying the terrorists who paraglided into an isreali concert and proceeded to murder a minimum of 260 young unarmed civilians, at least -- and at harvard university, harvard university, well as many as 31
7:15 pm
student groups now blaming the hamas terror attack entirely on israel. how repulsive is that? now former harvard president larry summers and many others rightfully blasting the university. here with more, the host of tomilahren. harvard law professor alan dershowitz. professor, we have been friend as long time. i haven't spoken to you about it but i just know. >> i know, i just spoke to my cousin, several congregates would kill,s massacres killed in front of him. harvard has not done the right thing. the president of harvard, the board of overseers ought to treat these clubs as if they were the ku klux klan club abdicating the lynching of jews, the lynching
7:16 pm
of jews. that's what amnesty international at harvard is doing, abdicating the lynching of jews, these are lynchings comparable to what happened in the 1920s and the 1930s in the south and we shouldn't mince words about that. i want the name of every student who has ever signed a petition supporting these rape and murderers, i want their names to be revealed. we succeeded in one case today, a woman named rhina workman, the student bar association at nyu talked about it was necessary to rape and murder. do you know what happened? her offer as a lawyer was rescinded by the law firm, thank you law firm for doing that. would anybody want as a lawyer a woman who advocated rape and hurt. a word advocating rape. but we are not treating them like the ku klux klan, they have free speech rights like the nazis and klan had speech
7:17 pm
rights. universities have an obligation to condemn groups as forcefully as they would condemn the ku klux klan, they are not doing it. harvard's not doing it. yale is not doing it. columbia is not doing it. city university of new york is not doing it. it's a shame, it has to be done with the same have sufficient rouse necessary. you have blm celebrating, we must mentioned harvard and -- this is nothing but morally repugnant what 31 groups are doing by blaming israel. in this woke cancel culture world we live in, campuses around the country are plotting a day of resistance. how is that happening? how do we get to a point where they are blaming the victim, literally blaming the victim of terror? you know, how does their thinking go that awry? >> well, when people tell you who they are, listen to them and believe them. but sean, what else i find really interesting
7:18 pm
and horrifying way possible is a lot of this is taking place on our college campuses around the united states of america. the same college campuses whose president and administrators and leaders have no problem condemning conservative speaker whose come to their campus like a reilly gains going to penn state to speak about protecting womens spaces and womens sports. those people are called hateful. i have been on many college campuses called hateful, told i was unwelcome there. but then this is the kind of displays that are going on on campuses across america? these groups advocating for brutalization, death, wraps, talking about how this is israel's fault being openly anti-semitism, this is what these college campuses consider free speech? no, no, no. i don't think so. we need to return to morality and it's gotta start on college campuses. >> sean: charlie, let's get your take on this. you know, you are often so articulate on the issue
7:19 pm
of woke college campuses. outspoken against cancel culture. i guess if you say anything conservative you will be canceled. woke is only i guess applied to conservatives. here you have the most repugnant, you know, comments being made in support of terrorism and terrorists, and death and virulent anti-semitism and not a word from these administrations and these colleges, not a peep out of them. >> well, it's truly extraordinary. and i guess in some way, you know, we're glad that larry summers came out and condemned it. that's not enough. because of course this is not something that just happened yesterday. this is a -- this is a toxic venom that's been building up for years and it's not just a lack of morality, it's also a lack of knowledge and information. it's pure ignorance. it's stupidity and, you know, you look at some these
7:20 pm
kids who are saying this stuff and on the one hand obviously it's evil what they are saying. onnor hand, who are the adults who are in charge of raising these children and this particular case we're looking at the professors at harvard university. what are they teaching there? is how do you go through four years of the most exclusive education in the united states anywhere in the world, and wind up with the moronic,idioc stupid values and understanding of history and understanding of knowledge of the facts here, as these kids do. they are the most privileged people to have ever lived in history. and this is what they wind up being? this stupid? this hateful. >> this is not only anti--- this is not only anti-israel, it's anti-america, it's deeply deeply anti-american. these bigots hate
7:21 pm
america with a passion and they hate israel, is i'm in favor of free speech. let them say what they want. tell us who you are so we can respond, so we can hold you accountable, so we can tell law firms not to hire you, take whatever you say and respond to it. and we have to do more and the united states has to do more for example we're never going to end this hamas violence by just going after hamas. we have to go after i ran. i ran is the -- iran is the country that promoted this. the only alternative to stop this is israel must destroy iran's nuclear reactor. this is the time to do it. with the help of the united states, i don't mean military help, but i mean -- >> sean: professor i need to stop you there. >> have you to do. >> sean: i agree with you, we cannot have a nuclear armed iran, but you know and i know that won't happen under joe biden. we know where these
7:22 pm
facilities are, buried deep underground, israel will probably need our help with bunker buster bombs to prepare the way to destroy the facilities. we have the military capability of doing it. but it would need -- israel would need the help of the united states. joe biden would never have the courage to do it. he's been too busy -- let me be honest, professor, this is your party, not nine, he has been busy kissing the ass of mullahs in iran and giving them $6 billion. can you explain that, professor, -- what's that? >> i can't. i cannot explain it or justify it. that money will be spent on terrorism. >> sean: thank you. >> and people like me in the democratic party have to be pushing, have to be pushing president biden. >> sean: they are pushing you out of the democratic party, professor. i bet you used to be proud of -- weren't you proud once of being a professor from harvard? wasn't that the high height of a career of a college
7:23 pm
professor? i don't think -- i would hope -- are you even proud of harvard? you were proud that ted cruz was one of your best students. >> you want to hear something? is i would think harvard would be proud to have me as a professor. they have canceled me, i can't speak about israel on the harvard campus. finkellstein get great warmth in his heart. peter doesn't have a right to exist. alan dershowitz, cannot be invited to speak about israel in harvard without there being violence. repeat after me, i alan dershowitz officially a hannity conservative. >> i have always been a liberal conservative libertarian. >> sean: i'm -- i knew that was a stretch, professor. >> hope we can all move in the right direction, the right
7:24 pm
direction. >> sean: it's repulsive, it really is, it's sad. sad, very telling of the times we're living in. thank you all. tomi thank you, biden's policy failures they are being scrutinized in the wake of these horrific hamas terrorist attacks in israel, senator tom cotton is next as we continue.
7:25 pm
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7:28 pm
>> sean: all right, from energy to foreign policy, biden's endless stream of failures exacerbated this crisis in israel, his decision to drain our strategic petroleum reserve to its lowest levels in decades, in part because he wanted to drop the price of gas in the lead-up of the 2022 election because of his energy policies, that caused the spike in
7:29 pm
interest in gas. artificially reducing the world's supply of oil. this could cause a massive problem for this country, for many years to come. estimates that say we would have less than 20 days worth of petroleum if god forbid an emergency rose in this country, that is reckless and irresponsible. republicans are pushing back on the administration's foreign policy failures. missouri senator josh hawley calling all funding for ukraine to be immediately redirected to israel. here with reaction, arkansas senator tom cotton. senator, all i hear from joe biden is ukraine, ukraine, ukraine. you know, hundreds of billions of dollars, europe has not stepped up and joe has put handcuffs on the ukrainians and their ability to take migs from poland? their ability to use cluster bombs, their ability to fight a war to actually win it,
7:30 pm
why would we spend another penny if that's how to roll. >> like you i always supported ukraine, i never supported joe biden's support of ukraine's policy. he -- not allowing ukraine to fight it to win it. i worry that's the direction we'll ultimately head in israel as well. there is a well-worn pattern when israel has to defend itself and make war on terrorist groups like hezbollah and hamas in 2006, 2012, 2014, 2021, barack obama and joe biden after a number of days when the left wing of their party begins to demand cease fire restraints to put pressure on israel government. this is completely different from attacks on israel. israel needs the time and the freedom of action necessary to completely destroy hamas, not just a terrorist group, but a governing entity and a social movement. and it's
7:31 pm
imperative that joe biden not begin to put pressure on israel when palestinians civilian casualties are staged for cnn, al jezeera and new york sometimes, using human civilians as human shields. >> sean: what roam should america have in aiding and a betting and helping israel here in your view. >> sean, there is a couple things i didn't hear in joe biden's speech today, i didn't hear the word eye rap. emboldens iran when president biden -- >> sean: why do you think that is, senator. >> i didn't hear -- i think that president biden like president obama before him has a grand plan for the idle east, elevating iran as a balancing power against israel and our partners in places like saudi arabia and the united arab emirates. it foreshadows that well worned path i talked about earlier that president biden expects in a few weeks or a month or so to begin to call for
7:32 pm
restraint or proportionality from israel. as opposed to giving israel the time and the freedom of action it needs to totally destroy hamas. so, they are trying to avoid upsetting their broader policy as opposed to doing what they should which is reversing their iran policy. immediately halting that $6 billion payment, stopping all oil shipments out of iran that goes directly to china in many cases. they need to totally reverse course like jimmy carter did after the revolution of iran and soviet russian invading afghanistan. i don't expect that from president biden. >> sean: isn't that the most basic thing joe biden would say, not getting the $6 billion because of their involvement and their support of terrorism world wide, and why would joe have made that deal in the first place? and why does joe, you know, we had a situation under president trump where we had an alliance i never thought i would see in our lifetime and that was
7:33 pm
the u.s. and israel and jordan and egypt and the saudis and the emirates, they were all involved together, intelligence sharing wag widespread, all to battle against iranian, and the region, and the possibility of facing one day a nuclear armed iran. why isn't joe on that side? >> well, again, it goes back to the obama biden era when they are trying to elevate iran and try to create a new balance of power in the middle east so we could alienate our friends in israel and make new friends in places like iran. the deep volley and danger of that ideological vision was exposed this weekend, hamas is a proxy force for iran. but yeah, $6 billion is a good example, jake sullivan and tony blinken saying not a dollar has been spent, it couldn't have been involved in this attack. not a dollar has been spent, it should
7:34 pm
be easy to halt that transfer of money to iran. >> sean: i know your colleague, senator marsha blackburn put forward a bill to do just that. i hope maybe you can get a couple democratic senators, chuck schumer, are you paying attention, to support that effort. chuck is my senator, i get nothing out of him. i'm a political orphan, not one politician in new york will talk to me. anyway, senator good to have you on the program. when we come back isreali families they are holding on to hope after hamas kidnapped their loved ones. we are going to hear from one of these grieving family members, that's straight ahead. i got the power of 3. i lowered my a1c, cv risk, and lost some weight. in studies, the majority of people reached an a1c under 7 and maintained it. i'm under 7. ozempic® lowers the risk of major cardiovascular events such as stroke, heart attack, or death in adults also with known heart disease.
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about a cashew farmer from mozambique named carlos. carlos lifted himself out of poverty with the help of techoserve. go to and see how you can support struggling farmers like carlos. it's a different way to make a difference. >> sean: now some of the most horrific images out of his real showing terrorists forcefully
7:39 pm
kidnapping isrealis including women, including children, tearing families apart. listen to one mother's gut wrenching description of the last contact she had with her son before he went missing. >> there were two texts in a row from hearsch at 8:11, i love you and immediately at 8:11 also it said, i'm sorry. and so i knew immediately wherever he was, it was a terrible situation. i took it to mean i love you and i'm sorry because whatever is going to happen is going to cause you tremendous pain and worry. >> sean: no mother should have to go through that. meanwhile today's new york post cover shows the image of two young girls just 3 and 5 years old who were taken hostage by hamas terrorists. here now with more a relative of those two little girls, dori roberts is with us,
7:40 pm
spokesperson morgan ortegas is back with us. let's talk about what happened in this case, by the way, my sympathies to the family, please. >> thank you so much, sean, for having me on your show tonight, it means a lot to me and family, opportunity to share their story, it is heartbreaking, we know the details. at 6:00, 6:30 a.m. on saturday, a holiday, in israel, all hell broke loose when my cousin, 34 earles old and her two young daughters went to visit my aunt. in a small community, peaceful right by the border. around 6:30 in the morning, all hell broke loose and fires were shots, missiles, bombs and gunmen terrorists starting invading israel, breaking the border, entering the community when they were ordered to shelter in place and take cover, they are all waiting to -- went into their safe room and got in, locked
7:41 pm
themself in. soon after they started hearing the footsteps and the looting and breaking, and literally putting the place on fire. we were trying to reach them. their family tried to reach them on cell phones and any kind of communication. and unfortunately at 10:30 in israel, the communication went silent and they went missing. short after we saw video through the hamas emerging and we see them on a little vehicle being taken into the gaza strip. since then we have lost trace completely. we do not know where they are. we only know that they are somewhere in the gaza strip being really really in a bad condition. their mother we just learned a few hours ago might have been injured throughout this trip, we do not know that, this is not confirmed. with
7:42 pm
them, another partner, you see that in the picture in front of you, he tried to make peace with those invaders and tried to talk them out of it. he disappeared. a few hours ago we learned through some reporter from gaza that show his picture on news outlet. so, this is somewhat bitter sweet to know he is alive. but as the rest of them, we do not know where are they right now and what is their conditions. we are trying to go out there and spread the word and tell the story and ask for their immediate return back safe to their families, to their loved ones in israel. thank you so much again for letting me have this opportunity and speaking to your audience on the show tonight. >> sean: dori, just heartbreaking. i mean, just wrenches the soul. you know, morgan, at the beginning of our first hour, 9:00 p.m. eastern tonight, i laid out a list and i
7:43 pm
talked about and we showed video, gruesome video, you know, about this army of hamas terrorists going door to door, breaking into homes, murdering entire families, you just heard from dori doing it in the most brutal jay imaginable, killing family pets, setting homes ablaze. some isrealis shot, women beaten, women raped, elderly holocaust survivors taken hostage, young kids abducted. you know, one isreali couple murdered inside their home but able to save their twin babies, they were alone in a safe room for over 12 hours before being rescued. hamas shot a pregnant woman in the stomach. she survived, her unborn child did not. you know, the bodies from one small town in southern israel, 40 babies murdered. some of those babies were beheaded, you know, we've showed this
7:44 pm
video. and i can't even begin, morgan, to show the worse video. but this the brutality and why do i predict that our -- predictably anti-semitism, anti-american united nations at some point, once israel fights back and fights back fiercely, look what israel is doing as if this happened in a vacuum. this would be the equivalent of -- if you extrapolate out the numbers, i will say it again, 35,000 americans being slaughtered in a day. based on population. can you explain this evil pretallity? hard for good people to understand evil, isn't it? >> i can't explain it. and all i can say, sean, you are either with us or you are against us. just as george w. bush said after 9/11. you either side with the people that think it's okay to behead jewish babies, or you side against us. it is a binary choice. there is no all sides to
7:45 pm
all of this. and i just want to say to dori, it's as a mother of a little jewish girl who is almost three, seeing the images of those little girls i think they were your nieces, my heart just breaks for you and your family, i guess to finally see my daughter, i'm coming home from the middle east myself and i am going to hug her tomorrow in a way that i know that you want to hug those little girls. i want you to know with everybody breath that i have in my body, with every fire in my veins, we will fight for you. we will fight for your family members, we will fight for those little girls. we will fight to make sure that this administration stands with the state of israel, not just today, not just tomorrow, and not just next week. but for as long as it takes to root out this terrorist, this evil menace from society that is emanating from gaza. as long as it takes we will stand with you and i
7:46 pm
personally will put whatever pressure i need to put on this administration and on every member of congress until you get those little girls back. we are with you. we stand with you. we stand with our strongest ally in the middle east and we will not allow people to look away from the brutality of the rape, murder, and beheading of the worse terrorist attack in the worse killing of the jewish people since the w holocaust. we will not allow people to look away. i will hold on to my baby tomorrow, just as you want to hold on to your little girls and i will stand with you and i will think of you and i will pray for your babies that you get them back. >> those words really means a lot to me and to my family. this is exactly the mission we are here to do. we also have to do something to help and for me is the mission to go out there and stay with the media and share
7:47 pm
their stories, share their pictures, everybody will see the brutality, how much of the humanity crisis this is right now. thank you so much for both of you guys for having me on your show tonight, that means a lot to me and my family. >> sean: dori our prayers are you with and -- i don't think anybody could have said it any better well stated. that is the reality of what people have been facing. thank you both. when we come back, concerns rise as rogue regimes come out in support of hamas, congressman we continue. in the celebration. to help get you ready, your aspen dental team is celebrating 25 years of affordable care with an epic anniversary savings event. right now, new patients without insurance get a free full exam and x-rays. plus, everyone can get 20% off their treatment plan. but hurry, because while the season won't last,
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>> sean: remember former president george w. bush who used to refer to the axis of evil, if you watched this show
7:52 pm
regularly i have been talking about the new axis of evil, china, russia, iran, north korea to the list. and today we are seeing those same dark forces rally behind the terror group hamas. and iran supreme leader offering full support of their brutality and blaming israel for the attacks. north korea echoing the same sentiments, cease less criminal actions. here with reaction, fox news contributor general keith kellogg, dan help shaw, general, let's start with you. this is evil in our time. but yet in a backwards world that we live in, you know, up is down, down is up. and everybody -- we have this whole brown it of people that want to blame the victim here. the victim would be -- israel and the people of israel. why are they supporting the terrorists? can you explain
7:53 pm
that? and what should the consequences be. >> thanks sean for having me here tonight. and the moral imperative, how you treat ask other human beings, we said never again. what you saw this last weekend was repeat of what we saw in 1945. and the actors involved in this all should be punished and they should be put on notice. you know, when you look at hamas, the isrealis are going to take down hamas structure, we know that, all leaders should be targeted as well, they need to go after those leaders and send a clear message. the world needs to keep reminding themselves what horror looks like. what you did earlier in the show when you showed those pictures that's exactly what the world needs to see because they need to understand the who are or that everybody faces when you look at somebody like hamas, the terrorism they bring, same thing with hezbollah to the north. they need to be reminded of all the time. and
7:54 pm
they do claim the victim, you are going to he so in the next couple weeks, people are going to show a lot of visuals what is happening in gaza and they should remember isrealis didn't start this, attack into israel from gaza and they are responding in kind and we should give them our full support, 100%, whatever they need to finish that job. >> sean: congressman, do you want to weigh in on this, i have a hard time with people that can't recognize, you know, this simple moral clarity here is one country's a victim, one country -- one group of people are terrorists and there are so many sympathizers with the terrorists, having a hard time dealing with that. >> yeah, well look there is a bunch of categories here. so, you have got our crazy left wing in the united states that views everything through the lens of victim and oppress soar, israel is an oppressor and palestinians are victims for them to defend, that is bs. and then you have all these countries aligning.
7:55 pm
this is important to remind people. there is a reason that support allies and exert american leadership admission degrees. iran wants to control the middle east. china wants to invade taiwan, control asia. territorial conquest. if america removes itself, and those countries fill the vacuum, it's not about support, you might not like isreali, ukrainians, it's not about them, it's about us. it's about your children growing up in a world that is not run by china and north korea and iran and russia. you are not going to like that world. and we have to teach our students, i mean i saw protests at universities these last couple days, left wingers are supporting palestinian movements and hamas? they just murdered 40 babies, beheaded 40 babies. i hope this is a message to the world that there is no moral equivalence that israel is indeed the right side of history here. you would hope that's the
7:56 pm
case. >> sean: well, i would also hope it's the case that our president have the same moral clarity, but the president never once mentioned iran. their number one state sponsor of terror and he wants to give them $6 billion and is not rescinding that money. insanity to me. general, good to see you, thank you. and congressman, thank you. more hannity coming up straight ahead right after this.
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>> sean: up fort fatty that is all the time we have left this evening. announcement tomorrow and thursday night, live audience shows in new york, tickets are free, we'd love to have you. we throw footballs we have a lot of fun. please set your dvr. please stay with the fox news channel for continuing live coverage of israel's counter offense. get ready, trace gallagher is next. >> trace: it's 11:00 p.m. on the east coast, 8:00 here in los